Classic Porsche Cars that We Love: The Amazing 356 from Porsche

Porsche is one of the top names in luxury sports car out there today. The brand first got their start when they produced the Porsche 356, first released in 1948, and re-released by another company in 1950. The 356 is a rear wheel drive car with the engine also in the back. It was used for racing when it was originally produced. Nowadays, if you own a 356, you own a collector’s car. Less than 80,000 of the 356 automobiles were produced; less than half still exist today.

The sports car was released in three trim during both of the releases. Those were the 2-door coupe, 2-door roadster, and the 2-door convertible version. Each offered great power and ambiance that wasn’t quite known at the time. A total of 17 different engine variations were offered in these designs. Each engine had the purr of a kitten and the roar of a lion rolled into one vehicle. It was as loved then as it is now.

If you’d love to own a 356, expect to dish out a hefty amount of money for the purchase. Sure, there are many factors that influence the overall costs of the vehicle, such as the year and the trim level. However, the 356 Porsche is a rare find that always has a nice price tag with it. If you can afford to make the purchase, it is very much worth the costs, however, for simple bragging rights along. Expect to spend anywhere from 65k on the 356, to a whopping million. Again, there’s a ton of factors that determine the cost. It’s a good idea if you shop around to find the best selection and pricing on the 356 model of your dreams.