About Radyo Natin Guimba

Radio Natin-Guimba (RNG) is a community based radio station and the core of Community Visions and Initiatives Incorporated (COMVIS), a non-stock non profit local Non Government Organization (NGO). Though COMVIS experienced adversity setting up a radio station, but determined to attain its goal, nevertheless in October 31, 2004 as the motorcade started, it also marked the beginning of a new change in the daily lives of the community of Guimba, Nueva Ecija.

On this day, Radio Natin-Guimba (RNG) was finally launched and heard on the airwaves officially through 105.3 FM band in cooperation with the Manila Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

RNG stood as an epitome of COMVIS’ goal to advance development communication, thus, the radio facility was built on the framework of community development and service rather than income generation.

It aimed to serve as a channel for truthful and developmental broadcasting that would serve to inform, unite and move community people, individually or collectively towards community development.

Bringing truth and honest broadcasting requires strong credibility that is easier said than done, the RNG team experienced a tight spot on its first year. RNG was caught on the hub, bringing accurate news and factual situations in Central Luzon amidst pressures from both ends of the local political spectrum. Equipped with the genuine principle to uphold truth, press freedom and community development, the team resiliently moved their way to raise their banner high not minding the dangers and troubles ahead.

RNG Coverage and Facilities

The 500-watt transmitter with a broadcast coverage hooked thousands of listeners within 20 municipalities or around 500 barangays in Nueva Ecija, and some towns of Tarlac and Pangasinan provinces. With its existing physical facilities, signal is clear within 36 kilometer radius using a “directional” antenna.

Aside from being the only radio station in Guimba, with a well- developed news and public affairs programs and talk show, eventually it developed a website to cater OFWs and Filipino migrants abroad of fresh local news and events. At present, a very substantial number of hits per month in 29 countries were recorded wherein most hits came from the United States, second from the Philippines and third is from the Netherlands and 4th from Canada as of October 2007.

RNG projects a wider coverage in the future but our resources is yet considered as scarce with two (2) motorcycles as a means of transportation to gather fresh news from places. Office supplies and equipment and booth equipment mostly came from donations and borrowed from benevolent citizens just to bring quantity and quality broadcasting and website materials.

Initiatives… Meaningful Programs and Services

In 2006, an overwhelming response of the community both local and abroad proved that RNG indeed gained its integrity. It is manifested by a single call for a relief operation for flashflood and calamity victims which poured the station with donations both in cash and in kind, and even spontaneous volunteers were tapped. It was then that a new role was defined, that is, to act as intermediary to reach out the less fortunate sector of Guimba and nearby towns through “, Operation Damayan,”

Listening to Balitang Bayan Gitnang Luson (BBGL), a daily local news and public affairs program has been a regular household routine of the community. The youth sector has its “All About Youth” every Saturday aside from the daily music programs by various Disc Jockeys, the religious sector has two programs “Manalig ka” by Fr. Bong Romano of San Roque Parish Church in Cuyapo and “Tinig ng Pag-asa” by Pastor Jun Estobo of Three Angels Ministry of Seventh Day Adventist, for the Farmers sector “ Lupa’y Kayamanan ating Pangalagaan”, for the women sector “Usapang mga Nanay”, in the cultural aspect, there is “Ang Himig Natin” where the famous harana is rekindled, and of course, in recognition to our dialect or native tongue the “Ilocano Te Agsapa” is a Sunday hit. The Latest program with highest visitors in the website is “Guimba Ngayon” wherein various local icons and personalities share their views on various issues.

Presently, RNG in its 3 years in service, operating under the principles of community radio, gained momentum in bringing local news, public affairs and concrete services to the communities.

Management and Staff

In order to sustain the operation and manpower, RNG relied mainly on volunteerism. RNG has developed tie up with various colleges and universities to access more volunteers for various RNG programs. Trainings are being provided by RNG management and those trained were absorbed as either part- time or fulltime volunteer staff.

Upgrading of our Staff from purely volunteer status to regular personnel is also one of our goals. Not just to ensure quality output but to maintain high morale of the staff.

Resources and Support

At present, commercial ads from the local business community somehow help to sustain utilities of the office and other office needs. Sponsors and donations from local and abroad provide the airing of meaningful programs.

In the next 5 years, with your support…

RNG become more institutionalize, provided by 5 –year institutional building program which will involve the building of the capability of RNG to sustain, expand and improve its operation as a community radio in Nueva Ecija.

This will include the :

  • Upgrading of physical facilities and equipment to achieve stability, increased efficiency and wider reach. From a 500-watt radio transmitter, it is necessary to increase into a 1000-watt.
  • Continues support and Subsidy thru donations to stabilize staffing, thus maintain and continuously develop programs;
  • Acquisition of necessary equipment and material supplies for increased production efficiency and mobility; and
  • Radio Website development that will enable Filipinos nationwide and abroad to monitor RNG programs, especially local news.
  • Development of partnership with local government units (LGUs) of all the municipalities and cities reached by RNG’s broadcast coverage. Likewise, RNG will serve an open channel for the LGU’s announcements, ads and other communication needs.
  • Commercial advertisement. Local private businesses will be encouraged to sponsor the radio programs through paid ads;
  • RNG shall aggressively and systematically pursue these efforts during the 5-years to ensure that it will be able to sustain operations.