23 Ecija police chiefs reshuffled

Written by: 
Steve A. Gosuico/JANUARY 13, 2010

CABANATUAN City – Twenty-three ranking police officers in Nueva Ecija, including 12 police chiefs, were affected by a major revamp Saturday.

Senior Supt. Ricardo C. Marquez, provincial police director, ordered the reshuffle of the chiefs of police in the cities of Cabanatuan, Gapan, Muñoz and Palayan and in the towns of Talavera, Guimba, Zaragoza, Quezon, San Isidro, Bongabon, Laur and Licab.

The order, implemented by Supt. Eduardo Soriano, deputy provincial director for administration, came at the start of the total gun ban.

Relieved were Supts. Efren Ramos (Cabanatuan), Fernando Galang (Muñoz), Epitacio Domingo (Palayan) and Diosdado Iniego (Gapan) and municipal police chiefs Supts. Pedro Soliba (Talavera) and Renato David (Guimba), Chief Inspectors Danilo Zulueta Sr. (Zaragoza), Samuel Avila (Quezon) and Arnel Santiago (San Isidro) and Senior Insps. Armando Santiago (Bongabon), Danilo Eduardo (Laur) and Aniano Madrid (Licab).

Also relieved were Supts. Edgar Allan Okubo, Jonathan Cabal, Moises Pagaduan, Ricardo Villanueva and Manuel Cornel, chiefs of the 307th Provincial Mobile Group, the provincial operations and plans branch, provincial election monitoring and action center, provincial community relations branch and provincial personnel holding and accounting unit, respectively; Chief Insps. Angel Bondoc and Carlito Lopez of the provincial logistics branch and Gapan police, respectively; Senior Insps. Marcelino Veneracion (Cabanatuan), Raymundo Valera of the provincial investigation and detective management branch, Romeo Ramos of the provincial headquarters security group and Almario Evaristo of the Talavera police.

Ramos was reassigned to the PPHAU, swapping posts with Cornel, Galang to the provincial legal section, Domingo to the PCRB replacing Villanueva who took Iniego’s Gapan post. Iniego was reassigned to the office of the deputy provincial director for operations.

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